Best Benefits Of Bay Leaf (Tej Patta) For Health, Skin, Hair etc.,

Best Benefits Of Bay Leaf (Tej Patta) for better health.

Best Benefits Of Bay Leaf (Tej Patta) For Health, Skin, Hair etc.,

Best Benefits Of Bay Leaf (Tej Patta) for better health. Sweet bay is an herb. Fresh or dried bay leaves are used in cooking for their distinctive flavour and fragrance. The leaves should be removed from the cooked food before eating. In addition to decorative use, the leaves & oil are used to make medicine.

  • Cancer
  • Gas
  • Stimulating bile flow
  • Causing sweating
  • Dandruff, when applied to  the skin
  • veterinarians use sweet bay as an udder ointment
  • Joint & muscle pain (rheumatism), when applied to the skin
  • Boils, (furuncles) caused by infected hair follicles when applied to the skin.

Top 10 benefits of Bay Leaves to keep diseases away

  1. Infusion from bay leaves is believed to soothe ulcers, relieves gas & abdominal pain.
  2. Massaging abdomen with bay leaf oil blended with Sesame oil, promotes secretion of enzymes, stimulates appetite & promotes metabolic functions.
  3. Topical application of Bay Leaves speeds up recovery of wounds.
  4. Lauric acid in bay leaf has insect repellent properties.
  5. Essential oils in bay leaves act as a expectorant & decongestant.
  6. Bay oil is used as home remedy over headache or migraine.
  7. Use bay leaf oil for Joint pain.
  8. Reduces Cholesterol in body.
  9. Wash your scalp with bay leaves water for healthy scalp, smooth hair & get rid of dandruff or lice.
  10. taking bath with bay leaves water is good way to relax your body.

Bay Oil

Known as Tejpatta in Ayurveda, Bay leaf & its oil have drying & warming energies and are characterized with a fresh, long lasting, Sweet-balsamic & spicy aroma.

Bay is effective in the treatment of amenorrhea, migraine, neuralgia, scalp dryness, asthma, poor memory, kidney infections, joint pain, arthristis, high blood sugar, menstrual difficulties, uterus infection, flatulence, indigestion & stress.

8 Bay Leaf benefits for Healthy Hair & Skin

  • Heal cuts, bruises & insect bites
  • Promotes even skin tone
  • Relieve stressed skin
  • Control Acne
  • Eliminate lice
  • Promote smooth hair
  • Treat dandruff & itchy scalp
  • Kill bacteria & fungal infection over scalp

7 Impressive Health Benefits of Bay Leaf

  1. Eliminates bad cholesterol from cardiovascular system
  2. Aids in managing diabetes
  3. Improves health of hair follicles
  4. Helps to alleviate various respiratory conditions
  5. Facilitates efficient digestion & nutrient intake
  6. Helps to lower levels of stress hormones in body
  7. Aids in reducing inflammation caused by sore joints & arthristis.

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