Bigg Boss#2 Final Contestants List

Bigg Boss#2 Final Contestants List

Bigg Boss#2 Final Contestants List: Bigg Boss 2 has begun on the night of Sunday at 9 PM IST. Nani, the host of the season has introduced all the contestants and here is the list:

Geeta Madhuri (Singer)

Amit Tiwari (Actor)

Deepthi Nallamothu (TV News Reader)

Tanish (Actor)

Babu Gogineni (Humanist)

Bhanu Sri (Dancer)

Roll Rider (Rapper)

Syamala (Anchor)

Kireeti Damaraju (Actor)

Deepti Sunaina (Dancer)

Kaushal (Model)

Tejaswi Madivada (Actress)

Samrat Reddy (Actor)

GANESH (Common Man)

SANJANA ANNE (Common Lady)

NUTAN NAIDU (Common Man)

So, only three names were leaked before and rest of all are only speculative.

The names of Geeta Madhuri, Tanish and Syamala were the only names predicted earlier by sources.

Now the surprise contestant is Babu Gogineni, the intellectual and humanist.

Another interesting feature of this season is that Bigg Boss has taken three contestants from general public.

When compared to the previous season, the celebrity quotient of majority of the contestants is lesser.

We need to see who will excel and who will exit. The coming days will be a constant entertainment for TV viewers every night.

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