Velankanni Church Tamilnadu India, Shrine Basilica of Our Lady of Health Vailankanni

Velankanni Church Tamilnadu India

Shrine Basilica of Our Lady of Health Vailankanni ,Velankanni Church Tamilnadu India

About Velankanni church tamilnadu India Our woman of health and together with her son Jesus of Nazareth perceived to boy WHO was a Hindu. He wont to sell the milk to a customer’s home. once he resetting beneath a fig tree close to a tank (pond), Our woman of health perceived to him and asked for milk for her Son kid Jesus of Nazareth and also the boy gave her some.
That man, conjointly a Hindu, desirous to see the place wherever the apparition occurred, attended the boy. once they reached the tank, Our woman appeared once more.

 About Velankanni church Tamilnadu India our lady of health and infant Jesus

On learning that it absolutely was Our woman UN agency seemed to the boy, the residents of the native Catholic community became rapturous. “Matha Kulam” the tank of or Our Lady’s tank.

Some years later Our woman appeared once more. now to a lame boy UN agency was merchandising milk close to a public sq. on the outskirts of an equivalent village of Vailankanni. She asked him for milk for her baby Son and therefore the boy compiled. Our woman asked the boy to tell a definite flush Catholic man within the near city of Nagapattinam of her look. Not realizing that Our woman well his lame leg, the boy rose up and started his journey. the person additionally had a vision the previous night during which Our woman asked him to create a chapel for her. Together, the person and therefore the boy came back to the location of the miracle.

About our woman Velankanni church tamilnadu shrine and now Our woman seemed to each. the person erected a thatched chapel for Our woman at the location of Her second look. This chapel became a topographic point of veneration to Our Blesses mother and that we decision our Mother nearly as good Health (“Arokia Matha”).

A few years later, Our Merciful Mother reclaimed a couple of Portuguese bourgeois sailors from a storm, that destroyed their ship. once the merchants reached the shore of Vailankanni, the fisher took them to the thatched chapel. to offer thanks and pay tribute to Our woman, they engineered alittle permanent chapel on their come trip. On resultant visits they improved thereon. The merchants dedicated the chapel to Our woman on September eighth to celebrate the feast of her nativity and to mark the date of their safe landing to Vailankanni.
Historical knowledge of Vailankanni Shrine

About Velankanni church tamilnadu india

Our lady Velankanni church tamilnadu india is now shrine and a holy place to visit and pray

1. The history of Our Lady of Good Health, Vailankanni, dawned in the 16th century
2. In September 1771, Vailankanni became a Parish.

3. The majestic Shrine facing the East, renovated twice in 1920 and 1933.

4. His Holiness Pope John the XXIII, raised the Shrine to the status of ‘Basilica’ on the 3rd November 1962. The apparitions of Our Lady, the Miraculous statue of Our Lady, the countless miracles, the magnificent architecture and beauty of the Shrine, were the motives for this Shrine to become a Basilica.

5. The storeyed extension Basilica opened in 1975.

6. In 1985,the little Chapel at Our Lady’s Tank,

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