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Contestants List Of Bigg Boss 2

Contestants List Of Bigg Boss 2

Contestants List Of Bigg Boss 2. The list of 16 celebrities has come out as the to-be contestants in Bigg Boss 2. There is no official announcement yet, but let us see how well each can be received by the audience.

1) Charmme:

This yesteryear’s heroine and the present production in charge for Puri Jagannath’s films is the top most celebrity in the list. She is very good at speaking in Telugu though a Punjabi by birth. She is good at arranging parties and also proved to be a good host in many private occasions, say the sources. She is also considered entertaining cracking jokes amidst the party time. She proves to be the most loved contestant if she is really on board. But till now she tweeted nothing about this. Well, she hasn’t tweeted anything after May 18th, that is after her birthday on May 17.

Contestants List Of Bigg Boss 2

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