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Ayurveda & Astrology science defines the Benefits of wearing ornaments

Ayurveda & Astrology science defines the Benefits of wearing ornaments

Ayurveda & Astrology science defines the Benefits of wearing ornaments. This is why you should wear jewellery everyday.In Ayurveda, all natural substances like gems, metals, and stones possess reservoirs of energy known as ‘prana’ which can be used to heal, protect and strengthen the body against the negative energy that may come from the cosmos.

Now a days, women are not wearing Bangles, Toe ring, Nose ring, payal and even Earrings also. This is not for Fashion, the fact is that it helps us for being Healthy. Scientifically proved that it is very helpful for good health by wearing ornaments.

The Facts

In the history of Indian civilization, women used many kind of metal jewelry. As per Ayurveda metal affects your body health in terms of metallic qualities, chakras, nerves & marma (pressure) points.
Metals like gold, silver, iron, copper, lead, etc., in their pure state can be used to prevent obesity, increase stamina, cure various diseases and have great potential in both conventional and alternative medicine.

Metals have miraculous healing properties & every metal represents five elements i.e.,
Air ,Earth,Water, Fire, Space!
In Ayurvedic medicine, these metals are usually boiled in water, oil or buttermilk and the resultant mixture can then be used. Ayurveda & Astrology science defines the Benefits of wearing ornaments are:

Nose Ring (Nathuni)

Wearing nose ring helps in relieve sinus, migraine, cold cough etc & prevents them also.

Ring (Angoothi)

Wearing finger’s ring regulates blood pressure, relieves stress & increases energy.

Necklace (Haar)

Wearing necklace improves thyroid, pituitary & pineal glands etc.,

Bangles (Kangan)

Wearing bangles increases energy, strengthens heart & body etc.,

Earring (Jhumkii)

Wearing Earring regulates menstrual cycle & prevents related issues etc.,

Mangalsutra (Lacchah)

Wearing Mangalsutra increases immunity, improves thymus gland functions & prevents related issues.

Anklet (Payal)

Wearing anklet relieves back pain, knee pain & heel pain. Also prevents asthma & urinary issues.

Toe rings (Challeh)

Toe rings have been indicated to be worn to regulate the menstrual cycle, and thus increase the chances of conception, as the slight pressure on the second toe ensures a healthy uterus.

Ring (Angoothi)

Wearing gold ring on index finger increases self confidence & consciousness etc.

Benefits of Wearing Gold

  • Increases memory and intelligence and can prevent epilepsy, hysteria.
  • Strengthens the heart, preventing heart attacks, improving arrhythmia and stamina.
  • Useful in curing respiratory diseases like asthma, breathlessness.
  • Used in beauty treatments for a variety of skin conditions, reducing age spots.

Due to its antibacterial properties, it is the material of choice for implants, for wires in pacemakers, and stents used to support weak blood vessels.

Benefits of Wearing Silver

  • Used to promote strength and stamina.
  • Wearing a silver ring helps control blood pressure.
  • also controls the gastrointestinal system.
  • Used to treat inflammatory conditions of the gallbladder and liver.
  • Effective for heart conditions, fever, and weakness

In hospitals, medical equipment made of silver can be used to prevent the spread of MRSA, and prescription drugs or topical preparations containing silver are used to treat infections and assist in wound healing due to its antimicrobial property

Ayurveda & Astrology science defines the Benefits of wearing ornaments


  1. As per Ayurveda, upper part of the body should be cool & lower part must be warm. Gold is hot in potency & Silver is cold, always wear gold ornaments for above navel points & silver is for lower body.
  2. Always prefer same metal hinge which jewellery made of.
  3. Wearing mix metals create different energy force & may harm your health.


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