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Eating Roasted Garlic Cloves will heal your Body in just 24 hours

Eating 6 Roasted Garlic Cloves will heal your Body in just 24 hours

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Eating Roasted Garlic Cloves. Doctors suggest that we can use raw garlic as a natural remedy to control high and low blood pressure, high Cholesterol, heart attack.

After Eating Six Roasted Garlic Cloves a day you will see these changes in your Body:

                  1st Hour

In the 1st hour the garlic is being digested in the stomach, & like most vegetables it becomes food for your body.

                  2-4 Hours

In this period of time the garlic fights against the free radicals an existing cancer cells.

                 4-6 Hours

Excess fluids & store body fat are being removed since the metabolism of your body is starting to recognize the benefits which are activated.

                  6-7 Hours

A process against the bacteria is starting to be performed due to the anti-bacterial properties of the garlic.

              6-10 Hours

Your body is going to be protected against oxidations since nutrients already played a major role on the cellular level.

Health benefits

< Regulation of Cholesterol levels

< Strengthens the Immune System

< Improves Bone strength

< Eleminate fatigue

< Improve athletic performances

< Improve the longevity of cells.






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