Few best tips to every working women needs to live by

Few best tips to every working women needs to live by

Few best tips to every working women needs to live by. At work, irrespective of environment, your appearance can say a lot about your personality. The way you present yourself also maximises your visual impact in the social world. It is really important to be aware of grooming at work to stand out in the crowd.


Your personal hygiene starts with clean and well-trimmed nails, clean hair and appearance of your fresh face. A sparkling smile is very much needed when you are working in office. Make sure you carry mouth fresheners as well. Your clothing should not have any dirty stains or creases.


Few best tips to every working women needs to live by


Pick up dresses which are presentable or which suit your personality and wear what makes you comfortable and confident. Select the colors sensibly and follow the dress code if there’s any.

Makeup tips to every working women

It is essential to carry some makeup daily. Even if you have a naturally glowing skin, you still need few touch ups. Wear natural makeup and don’t make it look loud and dark. If you have dark circles, go with high quality foundation or concealer to cover it, and use eyeliner or mascara with a light color lipstick to finish off the look.  Few best tips to every working women needs to live by

Best Hair style tips to every working women

If you want to keep your hair open, then don’t keep it messy. You can go with the normal ponytail with a pouf which is a great look for corporate women. Having a simple hair style with not many accessories is a professional look for working women.

Perfumes / Scents for every working women

Avoid wearing perfumes that emanate a strong, heavy essence at the workplace environment which can make your colleagues uncomfortable. Remember perfumes are mostly used to feel fresh and to mask the smell of sweat, so use fine and light fragrances.

Footwear style tips to every working women

If you are a high heel woman, then you should select some decent looking formal heels preferably of solid shades. Don’t wear some funky or animal print heels to your office. Go for formal shoes especially when you are going for an interview or conference.

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