3 Simple Ways To Be More Peaceful And Stress Free

3 Simple Ways To Be More Peaceful And Stress Free

3 Simple Ways To Be More Peaceful And Stress Free. Inner peace and a stress free mind are things everyone wants to achieve and incorporate into their lives. But how everyone’s everyday life throws our way – in terms of work, relationships, bodily health – how does one sit back in the middle of all the chaos and still maintain their peace of mind?
While inner peace is something that is affected by both internal and external factors.
These are small practical steps one can take to reduce stress levels and feel calmer, overall.

3 Simple Ways To Be More Peaceful And Stress Free

Here are a few things you can do……3 Simple Ways To Be More Peaceful And Stress Free

1. Declutter

  • Although letting external factors get in the way of your inner peace or calmness is not ideal, a messy environment can often have a disconcerting effect.
  • Spaces like your room or your office desk where you spend most of your time should be positive spaces.
  • The first step in making a space stress-free is making sure that it is organised and decluttered.
  • If you have piles of things lying everywhere, it will only make it hard for you to find things – and that in itself is stressful.

2. Take on one task at a time

  • You might think that taking on a plenty of things at the same time and trying to do them all simultaneously will lead to increased efficiency and productivity – but the truth is far from it.
  • Often, what we don’t realise is that it is not a specific task assigned to us that is stressful, it is the way in which we choose to carry it out that is.
  • Instead of paying our full attention to the task at hand and getting it done in a systematic way.
  • Try and be in the moment, with every task that you take on.
  • Finish it off first and then move on to the next.
  • You’ll sleep better at night, we promise.

3. Forgot the need to share everything on social media

Think about it –

  • you’re having a perfectly peaceful lunch with a colleague, enjoying a walk on the beach with your partner, or just drinking a cup of coffee with a friend – and then you pull your phone out.
  • Not only are the notifications and buzzing of the phone a distraction, but the need and urge to look at and share things on social media constantly is also unhealthy.
  • If you’re always looks for the right angle, the right light or the right photo , when are you actually going to savour the moment and just be peaceful?
  • As and when you can, switch your phone off, or simply turn the notifications off and enjoy being offline – without the obligation of checking that device every few minutes.

Blue Tea with many wonders and benefits, Butterfly pea tea benefits and butterfly pea flower side effects

Blue Tea with many wonders and benefits and side effects

Blue Tea with many wonders and benefits and side effects, Butterfly pea tea benefits and butterfly pea flower side effects

What is Butterfly Pea (Clitoria Ternatea)?

Blue Tea Also known as Asian Pigeon Wings, Blue Bell Vine, Blue Pea, Cordofan Pea and Darwin pea, ‘Butterfly Pea’ (Clitoria ternatea) is an amazing brain boosting herb native to tropical equatorial Asia.

Blue Chai is made from dried butterfly pea flowers from Thailand. It has a smooth, subtle floral flavour which tastes great with honey and lemon, or blend it with Moroccan Mint tea for added cool flavour. There are many Benefits of Butterfly Pea


Blue Tea with many wonders and benefits and side effectsAre you suffering from low energy or brainpower? Feeling stressed? Anxiety? Can’t sleep? Can’t conceive? Constipated? Poor eyesight? Losing your hair or premature greying? Is your skin losing collagen? know how to prepare butterfly pea tea and be healthy  Butterfly Pea is known to help.

Blue Chai has many amazing health benefits, read about these and find links to clinical studies on this tea in our Health Benefits page. All Boho Chai teas are certified organic for optimal quality & peace of mind. There are few Health Effects of Butterfly Pea



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benefits of blue butterfly pea tea

benefits of blue butterfly pea tea Benefits of Butterfly Pea (Clitoria Ternatea) find the Blue Tea with many wonders and benefits and side effects

Improve hair growth

Rich in bioflavonoids, Butterfly Pea can promote hair growth and reduce greying of hair.

Anti-diabetic is one benefits of blue butterfly pea tea

Butterfly Pea has shown to inhibit glucose intake from the diet. Blue Tea with many wonders and benefits and side effects

Improve skin

Butterfly Pea’s antioxidants stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis, which helps rejuvenate the skin and lessen wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

Improve eyesight is one more benefits of blue butterfly pea tea

Clitoria Ternatea contains an antioxidant called proanthocyanidin, which increases blood flow to the capillaries of the eyes, useful in treatment of glaucoma, blurred vision, retinal damage or tired eyes.


Butterfly Pea is one of the few herbs to contain cyclotides, which have exhibited anti-HIV effects in studies.


Butterfly Pea has been traditionally used as an aphrodisiac particularly for women and used to treat menstruation problems or white vaginal discharge (leucorrhoea).

Anti-cancer and anti-tumor

Clitoria Ternatea’s cyclotides can cause cancer cell death by disrupting cell membrane integrity.


Flavonoids, anthocyanins and phenolic compounds in Butterfly Pea flowers activate antioxidant activity, which helps decrease oxidative stress caused by disease causing and ageing free radicals. Learn how to prepare butterfly pea tea


The deep indigo flowers contain flavonoids. Found in almost all fruits and vegetables, flavonoids are powerful antioxidants with anti-inflammatory and immune system benefits.


It is used in common cold, cough & asthma as it acts as an expectorant and reduces the irritation of respiratory organs.

Anti-anxiety and depression

Indications are that high doses of Butterfly Pea may be adaptogenic – helping the body deal with stressors.

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how to prepare butterfly pea tea

how to prepare butterfly pea tea

how to prepare butterfly pea tea. Butterfly pea flowers are typically used to color food and beverages, as their bright blue color comes out when soaked. However, when the liquid is mixed with an acidic ingredient such as lime or lemon juice, it transforms into a beautiful shade of royal purple. Enjoy the striking hue of this summery iced tea garnished with a slice of lemon.

What is Blue Tea

Blue Tea Also known as Asian Pigeon Wings, Blue Bell Vine, Blue Pea, Cordofan Pea and Darwin pea, ‘Butterfly Pea’ (Clitoria ternatea) is an amazing brain boosting herb native to tropical equatorial Asia. Know more about Blue Tea with many wonders and benefits and side effects

Prep time: 15 min

Cook time: 5 min

Total time: 20 min


Makes 2 cups

2 Cups Water

10 Butterfly Pea Flowers

2 Tablespoons Honey

Lemon Slices, optional juice


Bring water to a boil and remove from heat. Add Butterfly Pea Flowers and allow to steep in water until cooled. Stir in honey. Remove flowers before serving. Pour into glasses filled with crushed ice and add a squeeze of lemon. There are many benefits of blue butterfly pea tea

Here’s a reason why Dates are good for your health

Reasons to eat,Dates are packed with health benefits

Reasons to eat Dates. Dates are full of antioxidants. The 3 main antioxidants in dates are Beta-Carotene, Lutein & Zeaxanthin.

These protect against the free radicals which are responsible for certain cancers.

They also contains fiber & amino acids, which are great for the digestive system.

Health Benefits of Dates for Babies

  • Dates are nutritious
  • Strengthens your teeth
  • Protects liver
  • Remedy for gastric ulcer
  • Relieves from constipation
  • Remedy for dysentery
  • Remedy for intestinal disturbances
  • Nourishing food during fevers & smallpox.

Take a Green step with DATES

  • Cure abdominal cancer
  • Increases sexual stamina
  • Natural laxative

Dates provides…….

  • Dietary fiber
  • Tannins
  • Vitamin A
  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Beta carotene
  • Zinc

Did you know??Dates are great for your teeth!

Dates contain fluorine which helps protect teeth from decaying (not to be confused with fluoride which is toxic).

Dates are good source of Energy!!

Dates are great energy boosters. They conatain natural sugars such as Glucose, Sucrose & fructose.

Dates are a healthy way to boost your Energy!

Dates contain substantial amount of dietary fiber & therefore are beneficial in improving digestive system, specially in treatment of constipation.

Dates are extremely rich in minerals as well as Vitamin A, B1, B2,B3 & C.

They don’t contain Cholesterol & other forms of harmful fats.

Excellent DATES for Filth Health..

  • Weight loss
  • Relieving constipation
  • Supporting regular Bowel movement
  • Promoting heart health
  • Reducing heart attack risk
  • Diarrhea
  • Iron-Difficiency Anemia
  • Reducing blood pressure
  • Impotence
  • Promoting respiratory & digestive health
  • Pregnancy deliveries
  • Hemorrhoid prevention
  • Chronic conditions such as arthristis
  • Reducing Colitis risk
  • Preventing colon cancer.

Reasons to eat Dates

Dates contains Nutrients are

Dietary fiber 32%

Carbohydrates 25%

Calories 14%

Proteins 5%

Dates contains Vitamins are

Vitamin B6 8%

Niacin 6%

Panthothenic acid 6%

Folate 5%

Dates contains Minerals are

Potassium 19%

Manganese 13%

Magnesium 11%

Copper 10%

Reasons to eat Dates

Hangovers: Helps in sobering up real quick.

Vision: when ingested orally, it reduces night blindness.

Digestion: Healthy bowel movements & control diarrhea.

Cancer: Prevents abdominal cancer & cure intestinal disorders.

Allergies: Presence of organic sulfur reduces the allergic reactions.

Weight loss: Intake with Cucumber paste aids in weight management.

Energy: Boost the energy for anemic patients & increase sexual stamina.

Nervous system: Boost the nervous system health.

Bone health: Minerals present strengthens the bones.

Heart: Reduces the risk Stroke & other health related diseases.

Cough remedy with DATES

Open 6 dates & boil them on 1\2 liter of milk for 25 minutes over low heat. Drink 3 cups a day. This is the ultimate dry cough remedy.

Top 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Dates

  • Diabetes control
  • Liver protection
  • Kidney protection
  • Constipation remedy
  • Anti-obesity
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Antibiotic properties
  • Gastric protection
  • Anti-cancer
  • Vegetarian protein source.

Best Benefits Of Bay Leaf (Tej Patta) For Health, Skin, Hair etc.,

Best Benefits Of Bay Leaf (Tej Patta) For Health, Skin, Hair etc.,

Best Benefits Of Bay Leaf (Tej Patta) for better health. Sweet bay is an herb. Fresh or dried bay leaves are used in cooking for their distinctive flavour and fragrance. The leaves should be removed from the cooked food before eating. In addition to decorative use, the leaves & oil are used to make medicine.

  • Cancer
  • Gas
  • Stimulating bile flow
  • Causing sweating
  • Dandruff, when applied to  the skin
  • veterinarians use sweet bay as an udder ointment
  • Joint & muscle pain (rheumatism), when applied to the skin
  • Boils, (furuncles) caused by infected hair follicles when applied to the skin.

Top 10 benefits of Bay Leaves to keep diseases away

  1. Infusion from bay leaves is believed to soothe ulcers, relieves gas & abdominal pain.
  2. Massaging abdomen with bay leaf oil blended with Sesame oil, promotes secretion of enzymes, stimulates appetite & promotes metabolic functions.
  3. Topical application of Bay Leaves speeds up recovery of wounds.
  4. Lauric acid in bay leaf has insect repellent properties.
  5. Essential oils in bay leaves act as a expectorant & decongestant.
  6. Bay oil is used as home remedy over headache or migraine.
  7. Use bay leaf oil for Joint pain.
  8. Reduces Cholesterol in body.
  9. Wash your scalp with bay leaves water for healthy scalp, smooth hair & get rid of dandruff or lice.
  10. taking bath with bay leaves water is good way to relax your body.

Bay Oil

Known as Tejpatta in Ayurveda, Bay leaf & its oil have drying & warming energies and are characterized with a fresh, long lasting, Sweet-balsamic & spicy aroma.

Bay is effective in the treatment of amenorrhea, migraine, neuralgia, scalp dryness, asthma, poor memory, kidney infections, joint pain, arthristis, high blood sugar, menstrual difficulties, uterus infection, flatulence, indigestion & stress.

8 Bay Leaf benefits for Healthy Hair & Skin

  • Heal cuts, bruises & insect bites
  • Promotes even skin tone
  • Relieve stressed skin
  • Control Acne
  • Eliminate lice
  • Promote smooth hair
  • Treat dandruff & itchy scalp
  • Kill bacteria & fungal infection over scalp

7 Impressive Health Benefits of Bay Leaf

  1. Eliminates bad cholesterol from cardiovascular system
  2. Aids in managing diabetes
  3. Improves health of hair follicles
  4. Helps to alleviate various respiratory conditions
  5. Facilitates efficient digestion & nutrient intake
  6. Helps to lower levels of stress hormones in body
  7. Aids in reducing inflammation caused by sore joints & arthristis.

Top 11 Amazing benefits of Pisthachios

Pistachios Wiki Nutritional Information Benefits & side effects

Amazing benefits of Piatachios for good health. The Pistachio a member of the cashew family, is a small tree originating from central Asia & the middle East.

Pistachios are one of the oldest edible nuts and are commonly used all over the world.

A Pistachio tree takes about 10 to 12 years to produce first Crop.

The nuts of Pistachios are not seasonal & are available all year long.

The tree produces seeds that are widely consumed as food.

Consumption of Pistachios are often eaten whole, either fresh or roasted & salted & are also used in Pistachio ice cream, kulfi, Pistachio butter, Pistachio chocolate, Pistachio paste, Pistachio halva, Pistachios salad and pistachios pudding etc.,

Nutritional information

Continue reading “Top 11 Amazing benefits of Pisthachios”

Benefits of Turmeric for being Healthy

Most Benefits of Turmeric for Healthy Living

Healthy Benefits of Turmeric.Turmeric is used widely as a spice in South Asian and Middle Eastern cooking. Various Iranian khoresh dishes are started using onions caramelized in oil and turmeric, followed by other ingredient.

Turmeric powder is approximately 60–70% carbohydrates, 6–13% water, 6–8% protein, 5–10% fat, 3–7% dietary minerals, 3–7% essential oils, 2–7% dietary fiber, and 1–6% curcuminoids
The world’s largest producer, consumer, and exporter of turmeric is India.

Healthy Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric has been used in Asia for thousands of years and is a major part of Ayurveda, Siddha medicine, Unani, and traditional Chinese medicine. It was first used as a dye, and then later for its supposed properties in folk medicine.

25 Impressive Health Benefits of Turmeric

  • Lowers Cholesterol
  • Improves Digestion
  • Relieves Arthritis & Joint Pain
  • Improves Skin Condition
  • Boosts Detoxification
  • Supports Brain Health
  • Anti- Inflammatory, Antibiotic & Antiseptic
  • Strengthens Ligaments
  • Skin Tonic
  • Helps in alleviate Coughing
  • Improves Asthma
  • Promotes Natural Weight Loss
  • Faster Wound Healing
  • Heals Stomach Ulcer
  • Blood Purifier
  • Reduce Cancer Risk
  • Reduces side effects of Chemotherapy
  • Ease Dipression
  • Relieves Anxiety
  • Promotes Cardiovascular Health
  • Regulates Blood Sugar
  • Relieves from Cold
  • Natural Anti-fungal agent
  • Helps in Face pack for Glowing Skin
  • Aids in Fat Metabolism & Weight Management.

Turmeric Smoothie


1 Cup of coconut milk 


1/2 cups of frozen Mango chunks


1 fresh Banana


1/2 tbsp Turmeric


1/2 tbsp Cinnamon



1/2 tbsp Ginger

1/2 tbsp chia seeds



Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

Turmeric Smoothie

No Nipah cases in Hyderabad as samples test negative, people asked to avoid Kerala

No Nipah cases in Hyderabad as samples test negative, people asked to avoid Kerala

No Nipah cases in Hyderabad. Even though both samples have tested negative, Telangana health authorities have advised people to avoid visiting Kerala.
Authorities in Hyderabad on Friday said that there was nothing to worry about the two suspected cases of Nipah virus reported from the city, as the samples of the patients tested negative.

No Nipah cases in Hyderabad
           No Nipah cases in Hyderabad

Two persons, including one who visited Kerala recently, were admitted to hospitals in Hyderabad with suspected Nipah virus infection and their samples were sent to the National Institute of Virology (NIV) in Pune.

Telangana Director of Medical Education Dr K Ramesh Reddy had earlier said that there was no need to panic and that the samples were taken just to be safe.

Even though both samples have tested negative, Telangana health authorities have advised people to avoid visiting Kerala.

K. Shankar, director, Institute of Preventive Medicine (IPM) said on Friday that people should postpone their plans to visit Kerala in view of the situation here. He said people should avoid visiting affected areas.

Officials of Medical and Health Department also said that they were advising people not to visit Kerala at least till the situation comes under control.

The authorities are conducting campaigns in residential colonies to create awareness among people about Nipah virus and also to advise them against visiting Kerala.

They were also screening people at airport, railway and bus stations for suspected symptoms of the dreaded virus.

Telangana DME Dr K Ramesh Reddy on Thursday said samples of two persons were sent to National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune. One of them returned from Kerala with suspected symptoms and he had been isolated at IPM.

Though the 25-year-old man did not visit the area which is affected by the virus, the authorities did not take any chances and sent his samples along that of another man, who is admitted to Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS) with rncephalitis.

The authorities have advised people to take all precautions. Ramesh Reddy said people should avoid eating cut fruits. The fruits and vegetables should be washed properly before using them. People were also advised to avoid pork as pigs are also suspected to be carriers of the virus.

Nipah Virus That Killed 12 In Kerala May Not Be Linked To Bats

Nipah Virus ,The union health ministry has said that Nipah virus has not spread beyond Kerala

Nipah Virus in Kerala
Nipah Virus in Kerala

Nipah Virus in Kerala. NEW DELHI: Fruit bats may not be the cause of the brain-damaging NIPAH (NiV) virus that killed 12 people and infected 20 in southern Kerala, a medical test report has said. The blood and serum samples of 21 bats tested at the National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases in Bhopal returned negative results for the virus, officials said. Health officials linked the initial deaths to a well colonised by bats at a house in Kerala’s Kozihikode where the four members of a family died of the rare Nipah virus.

Nipah Virus in Kerala

Here’s your 10-point cheatsheet to this big story:

  • The samples sent to Bhopal lab included those taken from bats found in the house of the Kerala family, which is believed to be the epicenter of the disease. Officials found “many dead bats” in a well in that home.
  • The family was treated by Nurse Lini Puthussery, who also died on last week and left a heart-breaking note for her husband, which said “take care of our children”.
  • Experts, however, said that these could just be the initial findings and requires more investigations. Authorities have now decided to conduct more tests to locate its source. The virus, spread through contact with bodily fluids, has a mortality rate of about 70 percent.
  • Two other patients in Telangana were also kept in isolation after developing symptoms similar to Nipah upon returning from Kerala. Their blood samples have been sent for testing as a precaution, the health officials said. Earlier, the two similar cases were suspected from Mangalore in Karnataka but reports were negative.
  • The Union health ministry has said the virus has not spread beyond Kerala. “The Nipah virus disease is not a major outbreak and is only a local occurrence,” the government said in a statement, adding that a team of experts continued to monitor the situation.
  • The sudden deaths have led to people abandoning their homes and livestock in the affected Kozhikode and Malappuram districts. Kerala government has announced a compensation of Rs. 5 lakh to the victims of Nipah virus.
  • There is no vaccine for the virus yet, says the World Health Organisation. The main treatment for those infected is “intensive supportive care”, according to the UN health body.
  • A global coalition set up a year ago to fight epidemics has struck a $25 million deal with two US biotech companies to accelerate work on a vaccine against the brain-damaging Nipah virus.
  • The WHO has named Nipah as one of the eight priority diseases that could cause a global epidemic, alongside the likes of Ebola and Zika.
  • The health body, however, has not issued any specific advice to countries that have not been affected by the Nipah but has asked them to enhance the level of preparedness. The United Arab Emirates has asked its citizens to put off unnecessary travel to Kerala.