3 Simple Ways To Be More Peaceful And Stress Free

3 Simple Ways To Be More Peaceful And Stress Free

3 Simple Ways To Be More Peaceful And Stress Free. Inner peace and a stress free mind are things everyone wants to achieve and incorporate into their lives. But how everyone’s everyday life throws our way – in terms of work, relationships, bodily health – how does one sit back in the middle of all the chaos and still maintain their peace of mind?
While inner peace is something that is affected by both internal and external factors.
These are small practical steps one can take to reduce stress levels and feel calmer, overall.

3 Simple Ways To Be More Peaceful And Stress Free

Here are a few things you can do……3 Simple Ways To Be More Peaceful And Stress Free

1. Declutter

  • Although letting external factors get in the way of your inner peace or calmness is not ideal, a messy environment can often have a disconcerting effect.
  • Spaces like your room or your office desk where you spend most of your time should be positive spaces.
  • The first step in making a space stress-free is making sure that it is organised and decluttered.
  • If you have piles of things lying everywhere, it will only make it hard for you to find things – and that in itself is stressful.

2. Take on one task at a time

  • You might think that taking on a plenty of things at the same time and trying to do them all simultaneously will lead to increased efficiency and productivity – but the truth is far from it.
  • Often, what we don’t realise is that it is not a specific task assigned to us that is stressful, it is the way in which we choose to carry it out that is.
  • Instead of paying our full attention to the task at hand and getting it done in a systematic way.
  • Try and be in the moment, with every task that you take on.
  • Finish it off first and then move on to the next.
  • You’ll sleep better at night, we promise.

3. Forgot the need to share everything on social media

Think about it –

  • you’re having a perfectly peaceful lunch with a colleague, enjoying a walk on the beach with your partner, or just drinking a cup of coffee with a friend – and then you pull your phone out.
  • Not only are the notifications and buzzing of the phone a distraction, but the need and urge to look at and share things on social media constantly is also unhealthy.
  • If you’re always looks for the right angle, the right light or the right photo , when are you actually going to savour the moment and just be peaceful?
  • As and when you can, switch your phone off, or simply turn the notifications off and enjoy being offline – without the obligation of checking that device every few minutes.

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