Healthy Ramzaan

Healthy Ramzaan

Healthy Ramzaan.Avoid chilled water and drinks in iftar after it because it slows digestion process, leads to constipation causes thirstiness etc. instead drink room temperature or lukewarm water.

Healthy Ramzaan with eating step # 1

avoid heavy eating in iftar, avoid immediate exercise, avoid drinking too much water or sharbat, avoid fruit salad.

Healthy Ramzaan with dates step # 2

do not consume more than 1-2 dates daily, if you are living in hot region. As dates are hot in potency and may cause gas and acidity, inflammation, bleeding disorders etc.

Healthy Ramzaan with medication step # 3

if u are under any regular medication, if u hav any health conditions or if pregnant, breast feeding speak to a Doctor and plan your fasts wel so as to keep in good health.

Healthy Ramzaan with prayer step # 4

Rest well, avoid excessive exposure of sun & recite Holy verses, offer prayers.

Healthy Ramzaan with food step # 5

Prefer foods with good amount of fibre to avoid constipation. Fibre also helps one stay full & maintain a healthy gut.

Healthy Ramzaan with energy foods step # 6

Start your day with meals containing slow release carbs like potatoes, wheat, rice, oats, grains, fruits & vegetables. they release energy slowly through the day & help keep one active.

Healthy Ramzaan step # 7

Rehydrate yourself slowly & gradually. Sips of water every 30 min or a cup every hour should help you rehydrate well

Healthy Ramzaan step # 8

Always break your fast with Dates. They are a great source of instant energy after a day of fasting.

Healthy Ramzaan step # 9

Excessively salty food might cause dehydration & make you feel excessively thirsty. So be weary of highly salted or preserved foods.

Healthy Ramzaan step # 10

Avoid excessive sweets & fried at iftar time. As our bodies are working to preserve as much energy possible. Therefore, excessive fatty food and sugars will be rapidly added to body fat reserves.

Healthy Ramzaan with junk foods step # 11

Avoid pizza, burger, kabab, fast foods, heavy foods in sehri. Drink a glass of warm water in sehri to prevent bloating, gas, acidity & keeps you active throughout the day.



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