During school hours Govt teachers using mobile phones are bans by Karnataka

Government Teachers were banned to use Phones during Class hours

Govt teachers using mobile phones are bans by Karnataka.It has been updated to hold headmasters and headmistresses of government schools responsible for ensuring that teachers do not use phones during school hours. If any teacher was found using a phone in the school hours, the principal would be held responsible.

The DPI has issues for a ban on the use of mobile phones by government school teachers in the state during school hours.
we have decided that to create an ideal atmosphere in schools, the use of mobile phones should be banned.
We have observed that teachers and workers using mobile phones while working has caused problems.
Any teacher who is observed using mobile phones will be disciplined.

Govt teachers using mobile phones are bans by Karnataka

Warning to headmasters/mistresses, if they do not ban the use of mobile phones in their schools and if the use of mobile phones is observed during school hours, the headmaster/mistress will be held responsible.

Officials at the Education Department explained that the, we should not be passing an order for school teachers to not use mobile phones during school hours, it is extremely distracting.

officials said that, We have observed this is happening and have decided to come out with the order in which headmasters and headmistresses have to take responsibility for this.
Students can complaint to the Block Education Officer (BEO) when they see a teacher using their phones in the classroom. When they observe someone breaking the rule, then they can also report to their respective headmaster or headmistress.

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