How to be your childs best friend | teach your child to be best

How to be your childs best friend | teach your child to be best While raising you child, as a parent, you tend to follow many different tips and tricks to manage your child’s behavior, but, sometimes being strict may seem like the only feasible option.

However, it is actually with a little affection and a lot patience, that you can make your child more obedient and respectful.

Becoming your child’s best friend right from the early years, has a deep and long term positive impact on your relationship with her and makes parenting easier for you. your child has a lot of first time experiences, while growing up. And therefore, she has a lot to talk about, like the new things that she tried, the lessons she learnt and mistakes she made while doing so.

But many times, when you child thinks of sharing her thoughts about her little experiments and learning or her issues and problems with you, she might wonder as to how you will react. She might fear that you will criticize her or scold her and thous, she will not feel free to express her experiences. SO , here are some tips for you which you can use to become your child’s best friend.

How to be your childs best friend teach your child to be best

How to be your childs best friend | teach your child to be best

How to be your child’s best friend

Refrain from scolding your child too often:

Be it about her bad behavior with a classmate or poor academic performance in school. A child can quite easily share her feelings with  a person who she knows will never scold her and will always support her So, make your child realize her mistake by talking to her and calmly explain her with examples, what wrong she did. Avoid scolding the child as much as possible.


How to be your childs best friend | teach your child to be best and successful in life

1) Playing with them: Childrens love playing and There’s no child who does not love to play. When your child loves a game that requires another partner, don’t think twice before to be that partner. It will not only help him see you in a new light but also bridge any gap in your mutual relationship.

2) Watch your children’s favorite movies together: Children love their movies. From animation to adventure, depending upon their taste, they have a long list of their favorite movies. How to be your child’s best friend | teach your child to be best Watch as many as you can with them. It will make them think that you share their taste in movies and bring you a step closer to each other.

3) Travel with them to their favorite place: Children love to travel a lot and see new places.  Make a place to take them out on on the weekends. Or  let them plan a holiday. You can put forward some options, but always let them make a choice. It tells them that you value their opinion and preferences.

4) Involve them in day to day work: Many things happen in a home every day. Let your child be a part of it. Ask them how they want to help you. Take them out for grocery shopping or have them help you clean the house. This way you will be able to do something and spend some time together.

5) Always appreciate their work and efforts: Children feel really good when their efforts get appreciated. If you want to be their best friend, keep appreciating them whenever they do something good. It will fill them with confidence and they will keep up the good work too.

6) Cook the food they love: If you want to be your child’s best friend, go through their stomach. Often cook the food they love the most. Share the recipe with them and involve them in the cooking process. Eat it together and tell them how good their choice of food is.

7) Don’t just ask, share: Right from ‘how did the school go’ to ‘who’s that friend of yours’, parents ask a lot of questions. It’s time to give it a break and start sharing with them. Tell them how your day was when you get a chance. Talk about what you like, how you were at different things when young, and anything that you think they will listen to. Just don’t make it sound boring.

8) Leave them alone: Though you always feel the need to keep an eye on your child, it’s sometimes better to leave them alone. Children, no matter what age they are, need their space. So once in a while just leave them alone and let them be on their own.

How to be your childs best friend | teach your child to be best

Talk to your child about your experiences:

Two people who have common interests or share their experiences with each other, become friends almost instantly. If your child feels a little hesitant about sharing something with you , take the first step and tell her about what you felt when you had a bad score in the math test or when you made a mistake as a child.

This will help you two to get along, effortlessly. How to be your child’s best friend

Make your child feel comfortable to express:

How to be your childs best friend | teach your child to be best in life.  Create a positive environment in your home in which your child feels comfortable while talking about her fears or worries. Encourage her to share her day at school and the things that she liked and those that she didn’t. Reassure her that you are always with her for any help, guidance and support she needs.

Spend quality time with your child: Dedicate a day to your child. Take her out for lunch, sports or any other activity that allows you to spend some great moments together. Spending quality time with your child provides her with the opportunity to be heard, to learn and to be loved. It allows you and your child to make connections that will last a lifetime. In the end, remember that besides being your child’s best friend, you are also your child’s mentor and guide. Happy Parenting!.



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