Actor Sai Kumar Brand Ambassador of Vijayawada police

Actor Sai Kumar Brand Ambassador of Vijayawada police, As a brand ambassador Sai Kumar will promote safety apps, short films and other initiatives by Vijaywada police.

Sai Kumar Brand Ambassador of Vijayawada police

The Action Star Actor Sai Kumar is known for his acting in the film ‘Police Story’ which received acclaims in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Hindi languages. Sai Kumar’s role as a cop was then an inspiration for many cops.

With such an inspiration towards his fame as cop, the Vijayawada police are going to promote their initiatives through Sai Kumar, who will be acting as brand ambassador for the Vijayawada Police Commissionerate, which is key area in the Andhra Pradesh capital region.

Speaking to Deccan Chronicle, Commissioner of Police Mr AB Venkateswara Rao said that Sai Kumar has agreed to be a brand ambassador for the city police department. He said that services of Sai Kumar would be used to promote the smart phone applications to be launched by the department and other initiatives. “We would also make short films with Sai Kumar to create awareness on various issues related to crime. Further plans are yet to be discussed”, Mr Rao said.

The smart phone application developed by city police is also named as ‘4th Lion’, which is derived famous dialogue in the Sai Kumar’s 1996 movie. Sai Kumar in the movie Police Story claims police as ‘4th Lion’ hidden in the Indian National Emblem.

The application provides all services of city police and allows users to alert police faster on crimes and incidents

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