Advantages of soil health card

Advantages of soil health card

Advantages of soil health card

Advantages of soil health card. This scheme is launched by Prime Minister Mr. Modi on February 2015.

Advantages of soil health card

Andvantages:Farmers accepted the Soil Health Card Scheme all over the country. Because it informative for the kind of soil. which crops grown in different regions.
Farmers from the various states like Haryana, Maharashtra and Gujarat benefited this scheme. As they can be decide the suitability of the land for the crops and fertilizers.
The Soil Health Cards tops the important components of a particular patch of land according to the detailed and thorough analysis. Various information is like the presence of minerals on the land, suitable crops, fertilizers.

The ration principle allotted these cards.

Card, give perpetual recognition and position to the farmers which derived after examining the samples of soil collected from land farmers themselves.

An analysis of the water content, presence of elements such as potassium, nitrogen, phosphorous, iron and zinc, as well as pH. And salinity levels and moreover clay content along with water retention. With the help and assistance of the details and advice, this type of soil is then entrusted to the farmers to help them as a guiding tool at the time of sowing.
The agricultural productivity and the quality of the crop increased considerably due to the Soil Health Card Scheme. Since it started in November 2003. Where as, in Maharashtra, the card came into existence in September 2003, where in, only some of the selected villages. Allotted the 5 years cards. And we renewed  every five years. As features of the land change.

Benefits of soil health card

Bengaluru: Agriculture Minister Krishna Byregowda said on Monday that the State government will provide Soil Health Cards to 16.5 lakh farmers in the state end of 2017.

To ensure that the officials actually visit individual fields to collect the samples, the department has given GPS-enabled devices to the officials. They have taken a picture using the device.

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