Christmas Celebrations in Bangalore 2016

Christmas Celebrations in Bangalore 2016christamas

Christmas Celebrations in Bangalore 2016 The Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore, also known for its Pubs, will soon be decked up in the Christmas Spirit. Christmas is celebrated on December 25th. In Bangalore as in other parts of India. Bangalore Christians constitute just about 6% of the total population, but most Christians maintain that the traditional celebrations. With church service, cakes, cookies, wine and chocolates, cribs, carol singing, decorative homes and visits. To the shelters of the underprivileged are still upbeat and thriving.  Since it is a cosmopolitan city, the Christmas spirit is seen among Christians. And non-Christians alike in schools, colleges, offices and malls.

Christmas at Home

Christmas Celebrations in Bangalore 2016

Christmas Celebrations in Bangalore 2016

Good old Christmas trees are set up at home and on important streets and malls which reflect the cheerful spirit of the festive season. The joyful bells hanging on the trees spread the message of peace and goodwill.  Small gifts for loved ones are nestled below the Christmas tree. Miniature decorative pieces are placed on the tree adding beauty to it whereas the wax figurines tell the tale of Christmas in many a crib that is found outside churches, in schools and colleges and housing societies. Floating candles and the festoons of lights on the streets and homes add a twinkle to the Christmas air. The homes are also ornately decorated with trinkets, stars, stockings, ribbons and bells. The families prepare a wonder Roasted Turkey and Salmon for lunch or dinner and team it up with Red or White wine. They gorge on the wonderful marzipans, rose cookies, marshmallows, plum cakes and kul kuls and mint flavored lemonade. Family reunions are still popular especially in Christian dominated areas.

Christmas Celebrations in Bangalore 2016

Christmas in Churcheschristamas2

There are a number of churches especially in the central part of the town which caters to many denominations. Many of these churches were built by the Europeans and have marked influences of British and French architecture.  Furthermore, each of these churches has their own unique customs and traditions for the celebration of the festival. Some engage heavily in philanthropic activities while others engage in celaborate Church services.  Most of them are known for their grand decorations, especially the crib of Baby Jesus and the thematic displays.
St Mary’s Basilica, Christ Church and St. Patrick’s Church are famous churches here which hold the midnight mass and other activities throughout the season.

Christmas Celebrations in Bangalore 2016 Karnataka

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