India closer to nod for 100% biofuel

India closer to nod for 100% biofuel

NEW DELHI: Setting the stage for manufacturing of vehicle engines that can ply on 100% bio-diesel soon, the road transport ministry on Friday came out with draft notification for mass emission standards for such vehicles. These will be known as “B100” vehicles like that of BS-III or BS-IV.

Bio-diesel is both renewable and less polluting in comparison to diesel. B100 vehicles have been plying in Brazil and cities such as California and Berkeley in United States. The move aims at reducing dependence on import of crude oil and also to help reduce vehicular pollution. Nearly 80% of diesel is used only for transportation purposes in India.

The ministry has also included the standards for test requirements for type approval and extension for four-wheeled and three-wheeled vehicles using both B100 and diesel as fuel, or either of the two. The newly manufactured vehicles fitted with compression ignition engine compatible to run on diesel or mixture of bio-diesel up to 100% bio-diesel will be type approved as per the prevailing diesel emission standards.

“After receiving and going through the suggestions and objections, we will come out with final notification. The manufacturers can then make engines that can run on the clear fuel,” said a road transport ministry official. According to the draft notification, the compatibility of vehicle to level of bio-diesel blend will be defined by the vehicle manufacturer and the same will also be displayed on the vehicle.

Sources said that quite a few vehicle manufacturers are keen to produce such engines, which they are already doing for other countries.

In an official release, ministry said that the new standards and specifications allowing such vehicles will provide alternate source of income to the farmers and the forest dwellers, who can cultivate jatropha and other non-edible oilseeds.

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