Indrani, Khanna drove to Pen with Sheena’s body ‘seated’ says cops

Indrani, Khanna drove to Pen with Sheena’s body ‘seated’ says cops

MUMBAI: Chilling facts keep tumbling out in the Sheena Bora murder case. The newest is that Sheena Bora’s corpse was kept in a sitting position on the rear seat of the car, between former INX CEO Indrani Mukhrjea and her second husband Sanjeev Khanna, as they drove all the way to Pen the morning after the murder to dump the body. The corpse was placed in such a way as to convey the impression that three passengers were seated at the back.

The body was placed in an identical position when the perpetrators took it from Bandra’s Linking Road, where they strangled Sheena, to the garage of Indrani’s Worli residence on the night on April 24, 2012. They left for Raigad early next morning.

Sheena’s body was bundled into the suitcase to be burned only after the car, driven by Shyamvar Rai, reached the Raigad forest. A police officer said this strategy was adopted by the accused to avoid being caught during police nakabandi. Indrani and Khanna felt that just in case the police stopped their vehicle for checking, they would —as they generally do— check the vehicle’s boot and not disturb the passengers. Also, as it was early morning, they could tell the police Sheena was asleep.

A postmortem expert said that immediately after death, the body remains soft and can be placed in the sitting position.

But slowly it starts getting stiff, and it is very difficult to fold it after a few hours. So the three accused put Sheena’s body in a suitcase in a haphazard way, did not lock it and poured petrol and burnt the body.

After reaching the designated spot in Raigad, they pushed the body into the ravines. “They went down with the suitcase and stuffed the body inside and put it on fire,” said Deven Bharti, joint commissioner of police (law and order).

The officer said that Indrani and Khanna had planned to kill her son Michail on the same day but despite being drugged at her Worli home, he escaped just in the nick of time when Indrani and Khanna left home to pick up Sheena, who had agreed to meet them outside National College.

After killing Sheena, they brought the vehicle back to the garage of Indrani’s Worli house and kept the body on the rear seat of the car, with Rai keeping a watch over it through the night. At 5am the next day, the accused left for Raigad.

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