Khammam Godavari Pushkaralu Ghats

Khammam Godavari Pushkaralu Ghats: Khammam is the District Head Quarter of Telangana state. Khammam is located at a travel distance of 194 kms from Hyderabad. The name Khammam was derived from the temple ‘Narasimhadri’ which was constructed on the hillock in the town. The temple is also known as ‘Stamba Sikhari’ and has changed to ‘Stambadhri’.

It is believed that, in Krutayuga there was a cruel king named as Hiranya Kasyapu. He tried to kill the Child devotee of Lord Narasimha Swamy whose name was Prahlada. Prahlada prayed the god to save him.

Then the Lord Narasimha has transpired from a temple’s pillar and killed the Hiranya Kasyapu. The Vertical rock under the temple is known as ‘Kamba’ and town at the foot of the hill called Kambamettu which gradually changed to Khammam matt and finally the name changed to Khammam.

Khammam Godavari Pushkaralu Ghats

Bhadrachalam Godavari Pushkaralu Ghats

Vista Complex at Bhadrachalam

Dummugudem Godavari Pushkar Ghats

Ramaghat at Parnashala
Seethaghat at Parnashala

Venkatapuram Godavari Pushkar Ghats

Near Anjaneyaswamy temple at Ramachandrapuram


RHS of Godavari river at Shivalayam, Chinnarayigudemm

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