Pak woman returns to dad, seeks Indian citizenship

Pak woman returns to dad, seeks Indian citizenship

RAMPUR: Unable to bear the humility of being abused by her relatives since her mother died in 2003, Bushra Khan, 26, has arrived in Rampur from Karachi to live with her biological father Shahrukh Allam, and would like to continue living as his daughter in India.

For that she has appealed to PM Narendra Modi and has also taken a petition to the Delhi high court, which on August 5 asked the external affairs ministry and the home ministry to take a decision within two weeks.

Bushra Khan told TOI, “I have no desire to return to Pakistan. For years, I have lived as an orphan there despite having my father here. I was treated like an animal, subjected to cruelty and harassment.”

“When things got unbearable, I managed to get hold of my father’s phone number. My family in Pakistan had all along told me that my father was a culprit, that he was villainous. That he had destroyed my mother’s life,” she said.

She arrived in India on May 18, 2014 and met her father for the first time then. Her parents had married in 1986. Two years later, complaining of domestic violence, her mother Mehraj returned to Pakistan.

Her father too said he had appealed to the National Human Rights Commission to intervene. “My daughter went into depression because of the abuse she faced. She is under treatment and visiting a neuropsychiatric,” he said.

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