Shivam Telugu Movie Songs

Shivam Telugu Movie Songs

After the moderate achievement of Pandaga Chesko, Ram is back with yet another business performer Shivam. Additionally featuring Raashi Khanna, this film has hit the screens today. How about we perceive how it is.

Story of Shivam Telugu Movie

Shiva(Ram) is a cheerful fellow who backings love marriage and continues helping couples to get hitched without wanting to. One fine day, he goes over Tanu(Raashi Khanna) and falls level for her. He takes after Tanu to her town and amid his interest, he inadvertently arrives into a gigantic issue with Bhoji Reddy(Vineet Kumar) and his group.

This is additionally the time when yet another goon named Abhi (Abhimanyu Singh) sets his eyes on Tanu and grabs her. What will Shiva do now ? In what capacity will he handle both Bhoji Reddy and Abhi in the meantime? That structures whatever remains of the story.

Besides Points:-

Ram is a genuine on-screen character and has done his employment well. Not surprisingly, he is really great with his moves and battles. Raashi Khanna looks stylish and backings Ram well. The film has certain engrossing scenes in both the parts and gives a touch of alleviation.

DSP’s music is a noteworthy resource for the film as every one of the tunes are very enlivening. Comic drama by Fish Venkat is really pleasant and it regards see him making them interest parts off late.

Visuals in the tunes and creation qualities are entirely great. To begin with half of the film is tolerable and all the drama scenes including Srinivasa Reddy and Ram have been composed well.

Short Points:-

One of the greatest disadvantages of Shivam is the unreasonable length. The film is near three hours and takes everlastingly to end. Right when you think, the film is preparing for its peak, a pointless blaze back and a chafing peak make things monotonous.

There is literally nothing intriguing in the story and the flashback legitimizing legend’s deeds look messy. Certain comic drama scenes have been composed and the film’s story has been weaved around it. The mixed up personalities, motion picture going to a residential area and the saint tackling the scalawags, you have seen this in umpteen number of movies.

Peak looks obsolete and is by and large senseless. Second half has significant issues with the screenplay the same number of scenes come in as velocity breakers.

Specialized Aspects:-

As said over, DSP’s music is very shaking as every one of the melodies have been shot brilliantly. The areas picked and the way they have been showcased is very great. Dialogs are just about alright as is the foundation score. Altering is a colossal disappointment as in any event thirty minutes of the film could have been effortlessly altered.

Going to the chief Sreenivasa Reddy, he makes a really messy showing with his introduction. He extends a basic story line to superfluous degree and confuses matters. The youthful executive has figured out how to compose OK scenes yet couldn’t join them all in all.


All in all, Shivam is yet another routine and dragged out business performer. On the off chance that you are satisfied with the same old story line, routine parody and can figure out how to sit through the agonizing run time, you may wind up preferring it. In any case, for the rest, other than Ram’s screen vicinity and some not too bad tunes, this film has not a lot to offer and winds up as only an underneath normal undertaking.


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Cast:Ram, Raashi Khanna, Abhimanyu Singh and Others
Directed by: Sreenivasa Reddy
Produced by: Ravi Kishore
Banner: Sravanthi Movies
Music by: Devi Sri Prasad
Release Date: 2015-10-02



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