Tourist Places In Coorg 10 Popular Places To Visit In Coorg

Most Popular Adventure Activities in and around Coorg

Tourist Places In Coorg 10 Popular Places Coorg is one of those destinations, which will guarantee a quality vacation for everyone, be it your family, friends or your partner.

Barapole River

Tourist Places In Coorg 10 Popular Places

Tourist Places In Coorg 10 Popular Places

The Barapole River is the location for rafting activities in Coorg. The white water experience here is one of the finest in the country. The river is picturesque and a treasure trove of scenic delights. It is full of fores area. The Barapole River has rapids between 02 and 04. The length of the rapid is generally 5 to 6 km. Even though this is a short distance, so it is a thrilling ride. The river is a natural water body to play a range of water sports.

There are two sections of rapids – upper and lower sections.

Camping, Slush Sports and White Water Rafting in Coorg

On your next holiday, gear your adventure genes up for a thrilling ride and get your adrenaline pumping with a camping, slush sports and white water rafting experience in Coorg!
An all adventure package for the young guns out there, this camp out in the remote woodlands is close to the white water rafting point which is just 1 km away overlooking the beautiful hills of Brahmagiri.

Pushpagiri Trek

The climate in this part of the world is serene all year round. Located in the Western Ghats, there are plenty of trekking trails here.  This mountain is to climb because the entire mountain is full of dense forests.

The duration of the treks here is generally in the range of 3 to 4 hours. September and October are the best months to visit the Pushpagiri range. Most trekkers come here to scale the Kumara Parvatha peak

Kumar Parvatha Trek

The second highest peak in Coorg, Kumar Parvatha is the ‘go to’ destination for trekkers who want to experience gorgeous views of the Coorg landscapes. Have the adventure of a lifetime passing through lush, grassy landscapes with occasional views of waterfalls and the ever present greens all around you. It welcomes only those who are with brave heart to explore the trekking.
Best Wildlife Places to visit in and around Coorg

Tourist Places In Coorg 10 Popular Places

Nagarhole National Park

We call this park as Rajiv Gandhi National Park. It is one famous wildlife place to visit. In this park we can see Tiger and wild elephants. Apart from tigers and elephants, this national park is home to wild dogs, gaur and deer. The park is essentially a dense tropical forest. Through the jungle, there are streams that run through. The spots in and around these streams have wildlife activity.

Most Amazing Falls in and around Coorg

Mallalli Falls

Located at the base of Pushpagiri Hill Ranges, Mallalli Falls are an exuberant place. This is the location where the Kumaradhara River takes a steep plunge. The falls descend for over 200 feet making it a tall waterfall. This is yet again one of those beautiful sights of waters forcing down and thrashing against rocks and boulders. The sight is exhilarating. The constant sound of thrashing water reverberates in your mind.

Tourist Places In Coorg 10 Popular Places To Visit In Coorg

During the monsoon is the best time to visit the falls. There is an impressive swell of water during in this time. The brilliant combination of water and beauty will feel like it is a slice of heaven. Whether you view these falls from near or far so the effect is the same. You can just relax and listen to the orchestra of waters, the many sounds they create as waters force through rocks and crevices into giant pools.

Tourist Places In Coorg 10 Popular Places

Madikeri Fort

It is from 17th century. Tipu Sultan restructured the Madikeri Fort. The fort is situated a top a hill. The granite used to re-construction second time.

When Muddu Raja, built the fort. The king also built in a palace inside the fort. It is also called Jaffarabad. The fort has changed hands. It was administered by many prominent kings and administrators throughout its illustrious history.

European architecture. The palace is said to house clandestine underground routes, and is one of the intriguing places to visit in Coorg. Visiting this palace is like visiting a European palace. Horse statues flank the entrance to the palace. Some parts of the fort were reserved for prisons.

Best Off-Beat Stays in and around Coorg

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