Why the film fraternity must take note of the 'Bahubali' director SS Rajamouli

Why the film fraternity must take note of the ‘Bahubali’ director SS Rajamouli

Hyderabad: The tremendous critical and commercial success attained by the recently released ‘Bahubali’ has once again shifted the spotlight onto SS Rajamouli’s unparalleled abilities as a storyteller. One of the most popular names of the Telugu film industry, the 41-year-old filmmaker is synonymous with intelligent yet highly entertaining big screen outings. Here is a look at why Rajamouli is truly a force to be reckoned with.

His films are grand and realistic: Rajamouli is quite an expert when it comes to making films that are larger than life yet believable. To understand this better let us take a closer look at the much-hyped ‘Bahubali’. Featuring Prabhas in the lead, it is a complete spectacle which boasts of powerful dialogues, gripping war scenes and mesmerizing visuals. That said and done, at a very basic level, the film is nothing more than a simple story which focuses on sibling rivalry and maternal love. As it so happens these sentiments form the very basis of the sacred epic ‘The Mahabharat’ .which is an important part of Indian culture. Hence, it is quite easy to connect with his films.

Rajamouli has a flawless box office record: The filmmaker has been a part of the Telugu film fraternity for nearly 14 years. During this period, he has wielded the microphone for 11 films including ‘Bahubali’. And, believe it or not, all his movies have done well at the box office. Moreover, most of his films have liked by critics as well. For example ‘Eega’ bagged several awards at the ‘Toronto After Dark Festival’. Furthermore, it also won two National awards. This makes him perhaps the only director to have never delivered a flop in his career.

He has a tremendous range: Rajamouli is clearly someone who has no has qualms about experimenting with the type of films he makes. On one hand, the Nandi award winner has directed fantasy-comedies such as ‘Eega’ and ‘Yamadonga’ while on the other he has helmed action-dramas such as ‘Chatrapathi’ and ‘Vikramarkudu’. Moreover, the Hyderabad native has also mesmorised movie buffs with historical dramas like ‘Magadheera’ and a rib-tickling comedy titled ’Maryada Ramanna’ . It is perhaps because of this range that he always stayed miles ahead of his contemporaries.

For him content is the King: In what can only be described as strong proof of Rajamoui’s faith in his storytelling abilities, the filmmaker is quite comfortable working with upcoming actors or even lesser known faces. In fact, to a certain extent he can be credited for transforming newcomers into household names. The positive impact that his ‘Student No 1’ had on Junior NTR’s career is a case in point. The young actor signed the film shortly after making a disastrous debut with ‘ Ninnu Choodlani’. Revolving around the disturbed relationship between a young man and his father, the film proved to be a huge hit and helped him find firm footing in the industry. Similarly, the ‘Simhadri’’ director also helped newcomers like Ram Charan( ‘Magadheera’) and Nithin(‘Sye’) give strong proof their abilities.

He is a man with a vision: Rajamouli is a trendsetter in every sense of the word. Quite a few of his films boast of a rich and enviable legacy. For example, the success attained by ‘Magadheera’, which revolved around reincarnation, encouraged other filmmakers to try their hand films dealing with spiritual/fantasy themes. Hence, ‘Magadheera’ opened the gates for ventures like ‘Panchakshari’ and ‘Anaganaga o Dheerudu’. Moreover, it also ushered in the era of expensive movies. Similarly, ‘Vikramarkudu’ too has been remade in as many as four other Indian languages namely Hindi, Kannada, Tamil and Bengali.

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